Prof. Jagdish Rai

Vice Chancellor, Invertis University

Vice Chancellor's Message

Prof. Jagdish Rai, Vice Chancellor, Invertis University

Education is the treasure, which can neither be stolen nor appropriated by anyone. Education gives you knowledge and knowledge gives you happiness and blossoms your life. Educate self and educate others, when you are within or outside the portals of any educational institute. Society is becoming more complex day by day and it is mainly because the knowledge is withering away and the mind is shrinking and the man is becoming selfish. Without a rather open and wide mentality we cannot approach any modern problem. Without it, we cannot clarify the social and intellectual background from which current ideas emerged. I am reminded of the words of Prof. Jean Wahi, who said, “We must be both conscious of what great thinkers have accomplished and also eager to find elsewhere a more adequate and richer vision of reality. We must be familiar with them, bear them in mind and salute them, before bidding them a personal adieu. We must not forget them.”

Every moment is precious in the process of learning and every bit is important to gain knowledge. I hope, the cultural and tradition followed by the Invertians which have been widely appreciated by one and all would be a model for other institutions and kept up by the Invertians in future as well.

Prof. Jagdish Rai

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