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Atal Rakt Daan Shivir September 2018

Atal Rakt Daan Shivir September 2018

on 27/Sep/2018

Blood has no boundaries and the distinction of class, community and creed gets wiped out when good people get together and donate freely. To facilitate this cause the blood donation camp Atal Rakt Dan Shivir was organized by “The Responsible Invertian club” on Thursday, 27th September, at Invertis University in collaboration with Clara Swain Mission Hospital, Bareilly under the strong supervision of the Honorable Chancellor Dr. Umesh Gautam, who is also the first person (Mayor) of Bareilly city.   Camp was organized in the memory of our former Prime Minister Late Shri Atal Vihari Bajpayee ji. It began at around 10 am and continued up to 2 pm, with a steady stream of donors throughout. The corridor of the seminar hall 1 and 2 of the university was abuzz with young Invertians, happy to be able to play their part in lending a helping hand to people in the region. 40 Students of pharmacy were assisting blood donation camp as volunteer along with their faculty members and they were learning practical aspects of pharmacy.

One of the seminar halls was utilized for a thorough medical check-up of potential donors, while another hall was utilize, where donors could lie down and recuperate for a while before they leave venue.
  They were provided with glucose water, food including biscuits, a fruity and a cup of coffee. It was great to see more people than pre-registration numbers turning up in the venue. This stretched the capacity of the blood bank, as a result of which the contact details of the donors were taken so as to allow them to donate at the earliest to the blood bank. The blood bank asked for 100 units with higher number of rear blood groups. Seeing the enthusiasm, they collected thirty percent more, that is 130 units.

The samples were carefully sealed and transported away, while the volunteers and hospital staff helped in the clean-up of the area. Throughout the morning, there were smiles and laughter all around - a true embodiment of what we believe in - selfless service with a smile. The donors will receive the certificates of recognition and also get a card where one unit of blood is available free from Mission hospital blood bank in next one year.

We thank all the campus community for coming forward for this great cause. Invertis University and The responsible Invertian team is honored and feel privileged to make Blood Donation camp a great success.
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