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B.Sc. (ZBC) Educational Tour to Tiger Reserve

B.Sc. (ZBC) Educational Tour to Tiger Reserve

on 31/Mar/2018

The students of B.Sc. (ZBC) IInd and IVth semesters from Department of Biological Sciences have visited Pilibhit Tiger Reserve on 31st March, 2018 as a part of their educational curriculum. Two faculty members, Dr. Sandipan Gupta and Dr. Md. Mazid accompanied them.   Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is India‚Äôs 45th Tiger Reserve Project and is the 3rd Tiger Reserve in the State of Uttar Pradesh. It is having a total area of 730.24 km2. This reserve harbours rich floral and faunal resources. The forest is mostly covered by sal followed by shagun, arjun, eucalyptus, shimul, acacia etc. The reserve is the home for good number of wild animals including the endangered tiger, sloth beer, swamp deer, hog deer, blue bull, leopard, porcupine, civets, python, monitor lizard etc. The reserve at present is having more than 55 tigers. Nearly 326 bird species are present in this reserve; these include red jungle fowl, hornbill, pea fowl, fish eagle, serpent eagle, crested serpent eagle, Indian tree pie, Indian roller, bee-eater, emerald dove, black neck stork, woolly neck stork, rocket tailed drongo, common drongo, night jar, green pigeon, spotted owl, jungle babbler, black francolin, fish owl, cormorant, etc. Some critically endangered species such as hispid hare, otter, pangolin, Bengal florican have also been documented.   The plant species which have been observed during this educational tour are Mandara, Gul Mohar, Gamhari, Jhingun, Hallock, Imli, Jamun, Padauk, Chir, Kail, Bonsun, Harsinghar, Chinar etc. among angiosperms; Selaginella, Lycopodium and Equisetum in the group of Pteridophytes and a few gymnospermic plants like Thuja, Spruce and Cedrus etc. The animal species visited during the safari are spotted deer, swamp deer (Barasinga), wild boar, hog deer, grey hornbill, Indian tree pie, Crested serpent eagle, Indian roller, Pied Kingfisher, Jungle babbler, Common drongo, Rocket tailed Drongo, Lapwing, Red Jungle Fowl, Indian Pea Fowl, Bee-eater, Spotted Dove, Emerald Dove, Woodpecker, Lapwing, Open Bill, Black bird etc.   This was the first ever educational tour for the B.Sc. (ZBC) IInd and IVth semesters students of the university. This has truly helped them to get the exposure and gather the knowledge about how to study and document the plant and animal diversity of a forest ecosystem. This tour has also made them aware about the importance of biodiversity and natural resources to sustain the life on the earth. We acknowledge our sincere gratitude to Dr.P.P.Singh Dean, Faculty of Science and our HOD, Dr. Sahender Pal Sharma for their support & guidance in planning this tour. We are also very thankful for cooperation extended by the authorities of Tiger Reserve especially to Shri Kailash Prakash, DFO-Pilibhit Tiger Reserve.
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