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The creative Acting and Theater Workshop

The creative Acting and Theater Workshop

on 10/Dec/2018

The creative "Acting and Theatre" workshop was held on October 08 and 09 , from 1-3 pm at seminar hall 1. It was organized by Rock on.( the cultural club) and conducted by Mr. Madhav Sharma who is a -(professional theatre artist ,media professional and educator) with over 20 years of experience in theatre,5130 street plays,5-7 short films,35-50 stage plays, one featured film and many more. Now he is currently working in Invertis University as Assistant professor in the department of Journalism and mass communication.
The purpose of this dramatics workshop was to increase the creativity of students, to improve their behavior, to enhance their self confidence and more teamwork. Participants got the wonderful opportunity to learn and reproduce the skills they have gained in the workshop, leaving them feeling enlightened, confident and inspired.
Mr. Madhav shared his excellent skills and helped to unlock the hidden talent among students.
Overall the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with 100% of participants commenting favorably on the experience.
The size of the crowd was unexpected, next year we will conduct this excellent workshop again...
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